Friday, October 17, 2008

Loctite Racing - Quad & Dirtbike Racing Series Graphics

I have created an excited new graphics package with the LOCTITE brand and logos for sport quads and dirtbikes. These kits will soon be available at select dealerships as well as completely outfitted bikes and atv's at the dealership, too.

My personal quad featured here is an '07 Suzuki Z400. I have added the full aluminum skid plates, aluminum billet lights, rear 6-pack rack, front bumper, custom seat and ITP Mudlights on Motosport Chrome Tork wheels. The Loctite graphics kit includes the "Use It Or Lose It" and "Loctite Racing" logos.

This quad has been torn down and reassembled using the Loctite threadlockers to assure nothing vibrates loose! I also used the Loctite ceramic coating on the frame rails to prevent boot wear which is a very common problem.